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Activities In Bayside

Our Top 10 Melbourne Activities

Family fun

Do you have young children? have you just moved into the Bayside area? Great! we’ve compiled this list to help you understand exactly what Bayside has to offer, and exactly what you and your children can take part in.

If you have children under the ages of 4 and you love coffee – then you’re in the right place. Due to the high numbers of young families in the Bayside area, most of the cafes allow for small children to join their parents.In fact – they encourage it! Most places have high chairs available. As well as coloring books and children’s menus.



Dining Experiences In Bayside

Looking for an adult social get together? Bayside absolutely caters for that. We recommend going down to some of the beach cafes/restaurants as they serve some great cocktails and provide better menu choices as well.

Tapas is hugely popular in Melbourne and everybody knows it. So we recommend enjoying some tapas and then moving on to a heartier meal.

Live Theatre In Melbourne

One of our personal favorite choices on a night out is to visit the theatre. The theatre is one of the most popular places to be in Melbourne. We are currently hosting ‘Book of Mormon’ and ‘The Bodyguard’, both of which have received rave reviews from all the major local newspapers. The theatre has been around for thousands of years, and in this time it has evolved. We now have superior lighting, audio features and much more!

What Does All This Cost?

So it depends mostly on the areas that you intend to spend your time (and money) in. The closer you get to the CBD, the more you’ll be looking at paying. Just like it is in real estate, the closer you get to the heart of food, fun, and love. The more you’ll end up having to pay.

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