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Blocked Drains Bayside Melbourne

Have A Blocked Drain In Bayside?

Our Professional Plumbers Can Unblock Any Drain!

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How We Inspect Your Drainage Problem

We use a tool called the ‘The Ridgid See Snake’. This tool has a snake-like apparatus with a camera on one end and Screen on the other (see fig. 1). We will be able to show you exactly what is going on in your drains to help you better understand the situation. We slide this camera down the affected drain until we find one of 3 probably causes:

fig. 1

1) Tree Roots

Tree roots are the easiest and most common blockage to deal with. Bayside is a leafy suburb and as a result, these tree’s roots often find their way into the pipes or houses. We simply slide an additional line down beside the camera. This line is called a ‘high pressured water jetter’. This water jetter is a safe way to blast away the roots that are clogging your pipes. This will also prevent the roots from growing back.

2) Broken Pipes

Broken pipes aren’t necessarily as bad as they sound. Most plumbers in the bayside area will advise that the only way to proceed is to dig up your garden using a jackhammer, and then manually remove and replace the broken pipes. A timely and extremely costly procedure. We instead use a modern method called ‘re-lining’. The top companies in Melbourne also use this technique. Re-lining Blockedis the process of replacing your pipes without digging up your garden. We won’t bore you with exactly how we do that. But we will tell you that it doesn’t involve a jackhammer or ruining your cared-for garden, nor does it cost what the larger companies will charge. That’s our promise.

3) A Sanitary/waste blockage

If it turns out that personal sanitary items/waste is blocking your drainage system then you’re in luck. This is the easiest to unclog. The method to unblocking this is the same as tree roots. First off, we’ll make sure that’s the only thing restricting water flow. Then we’ll send the high pressured water jetter down the hole to clear away the debris. This is an easy job and can be done under an hour in most situations.

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  • If a pipe replacement is needed, we *WILL NOT* dig up your garden. Other companies may say suggest this as the only route, but we have superior technology that allows us to fix the problem without ruining your backyard.

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