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Choosing Pipes

Preventing Drain Blocks


Choosing The Right Pipes

When it comes to ensuring that your new home is a good buy. One of the most important aspects of your home to inspect – is the integrity of the pipes under the house. This is especially important when it comes to ensuring that your drains don’t get clogged.

If you live in a suburb such as Bayside, or other leafy areas in the same area ‘Brighton, Elsternwick, Hampton).

Copper is always going to be a popular choice when it comes to piping in your home’s pipes. This is due to the fact that these last a very long time. Lead pipes are sometimes used to transfer waste from houses to be removed. They cannot hold drinking water as drinking water will be tainted by lead pipes quite quickly and easily.

How To Check Your Pipes

It is *super* important that you inspect the drainage system of a house before you even consider purchasing it. This is because a plumbing fault can end up being one of the most expensive things to fix. Whether this is a property you tend to live in or an investment property that tenants will rent from you on a monthly basis.


Check out this video below for more info!

Trust me when I say – you do not want tenants calling your real estate agent up every week because their shower won’t empty or their bath stays full after the plug has been pulled. Not good!

So it’s important that you hire an educated plumber to inspect your piping system. This way you can ensure that you won’t have any annoying hiccups occurring down the line that can literally cost you thousands in repair.


Pipes That Don’t Get Blocked

Hands down – the best pipes are ceramic, that’s because of they:

  • Last the longest
  • Have the lowest chance of breaking

If a house you’re looking at does not have ceramic pipes – don’t dismay! Simply Assess how much this situation will cause you to be out of pocket in the future. Then get multiple quotes from at least 3 establish tradesman. This is important. Don’t confuse an accurate quote with some guy trying to make a buck, or worse. A builder trying to undercut a competitor, but then ending up underquoting himself and doing a lousy job as a result.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article! Stay tuned for more.


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