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English In Bayside

Bayside’s Language School


Are you from overseas? Passing through? or maybe just interested in learning more about one of the most popular languages in the world. English is spoken in many parts of the world such as The United States Of America, some parts of Europe, and even here locally in Bayside.


Who Teaches You?


Of course, you must be wondering, “Who’s actually going to teach me how to speak this amazing language, and where will the classes be, will they be by the bay?”. Well, ponder no longer. Your classes will be taught 1-on-1 to ensure that you receive the best possible chance of retaining the most knowledge whilst you’re here in Melbourne!

we have trained teachers that have side jobs, that come in specifically to teach you! Their main jobs are plumbers, Pipefitters, firemen, lawyers, drain unblockers, builders, tradesmen, teachers and much more!

Exciting right?!

The Bay Area In Melbourne

Knowledge/Word Retention


As you’re reading this, no matter where you are. I guarantee I am many miles away from you… Why am I telling you this? Because of a very important reason! Because we are now introducing a brand new language system that allows students to learn online! So it doesn’t matter anymore if you’re in the Bayside area. We now offer students the ability to opt to learn about the English language online with a personal mentor – no more having to get public transport to meet your teacher in person – yay!  Of course, that’s always an option if you like. Some people benefit more from meeting with their teacher in person and we are not by any means belittling the benefit of that.

So it’s really a choice, you’ll learn about:

  • Verbs
  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Grammar
  • Story Telling
  • Much More!

So what’re you waiting for? If you’re on the side of the area near the bay, then call us anytime on (03) 5999 5559 to talk with one of our specialists! We can advise on what language system would work best for you based on your current knowledge, how much time you have and what goals you have.




(03) 5999 5559