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Fauna Of Bayside

Indigenous Trees in Bayside


A Brief History


Over the past 6 years, the trees in the Bayside area have taken a serious dive. The quality of the landscaping from tradesman and pipe fitters has seriously gone down-hill. This vegetation has been around long before any of us were. And I believe it our duty to preserve it. And surely I’m not the only one who believes this to be the case.


100 Years Ago

The beautiful bay area has been home to not only a large amount of tree fauna but also to quantities of native animals. The lower Melbourne region is home to many animals as well as beautiful beaches. This has caused this area to become a beautifully tranquil and thriving area. This has caused jobs like craftsmen, pipe fitters, and sounders to move to the area.

This has somewhat intruded on the lush grassland that once flourished in the Bayside Community.


I believe as plants cannot fight back. It is our duty as able-bodied people, to protect them. Many tradesmen have a lack of respect for the trees, plants, and flowers that keep them alive. The very beings that provide oxygen for them to live. This has to stop. Eventually, the local area will give in, and I don’t want to be standing around as that happens.

I for one would like to be on the right side of history.

Don’t Get Blocked


Many Victorian government officials in the bay area, will push you to the side. Do not be swayed by this! Unfortunately, they too are aware of the state of the planet. The fact that trees are always being cut down, the fact that builders are impeding on the local brush. Such a shame. As mentioned before, many native Australian animals reside in these trees. these trees act as vital ecosystems and habitats for these animals. Without them, the animals will easily die. In most cases, these animals are struck by cars trying to escape their old habitat, which has now become too volatile to live in anymore.

These areas are home to species such as bats, frogs, lizards, birds, plants, bushes, berry trees, olive trees wombats, koalas, kangaroos and much more! So don’t hesitate. When it comes to nature preservation. Do the right thing.



There are also other close by areas that hold untold beauties in their landscape and other more exotic animals. For example, the bluetongue lizard is one of those animals. Tradesman, unfortunately, are also putting the lives of these animals in danger. These builders are of course doing their job. They too, have to feed their own family. Much like the birds and cats of the local area.

So don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you have about the preservation of the area.




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