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Home Loans For Bayside

Bayside Is Expensive

Homes On The Bay

As I’m sure you’re aware – Bayside is an excessively expensive area. The median house price is 1 million dollars. This means these homes are seriously expensive. So unless you have a decent job – look elsewhere! (Or if you’re expecting a huge inheritance sometime soon). many residents get blocked from getting mortgages for these lovely homes due to the fact that they either don’t make enough money – or have not been making enough money for a long enough time.



Beach Or SuburbsBrighton Beach Boxes

Another choice that people looking for home loans will have to consider is whether they want their home in Bayside to be on the beach or in the ‘burbs. This is important because believe it or not – buyers will find it harder to find homes in the suburbs. You might be thinking “what?! The beachfront homes would be way more popular, why are more people opting for suburban homes instead? The reason is that other people can’t afford the beachfront home as well. The truth is that all the suburbs that host homes on the beach such as Brighton, Beaumaris, Black Rock, Sandringham, Hampton Elwood and St Kilda are Extremely expensive. So people tend to look for houses more inland. The majority of buyers who purchase homes on the beach are also overseas buyers and the pay in cash. What seller and real estate agent say no to that?

So good luck buying beachfront properties in the Bayside area.


Closing The Bay

The truth of the matter is, this lovely sunny area in Melbourne, Australia… In the most liveable city in the world, Is fast becoming the most popular place to live. The rate of tourism is increasing exponentially and on top of that house prices are also raising.It’s turning into one of the most sought-after places to live and you can see the way this leafy suburb is on the hot list. Church Street In Brighton. Bay Street in North Brighton and many more streetsĀ are major attractions for this suburb. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Be sure to contact us with any questions!

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