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Why Bayside Is A lovely Area

Not only is the peninsula a wonderful place full of beautiful people. But it is near the beach so you can go swimming. this means getting a tan! the funny thing about getting a tan is that you can’t wear a watch when you do so, otherwise you’ll have a silly watch tan line… And that’s no fun. Especially when you go to parties. people will wonder “I think that man over there has no idea that his tan line is showing!” and then you can to go through the awkwardness of explaining that you love the beach in Bayside.

Also, I just wanted to point out that the residents of Bayside just plain lovely! We have all races! which means you know what…
Can you guess?

Yep! Great food! Thai, Asian, Mexican (I love Mexican) the whole shebang!.

But back to the beach, that’s the best part. Except for the sand. There’s so much sand in Melbourne Australia. up the coast. I personally don’t know how surfers do it. Or they love the sea so much that charge doesn’t bother them. Weird… Especially if you’re a girl – that would suck! Big time!!

I just want to mention one more thing about the beautiful area of Bayside before I go, and that’s the aspect of the sunshine and how it makes you tan so good!

I mean really. the food, the residence, the people and the culture just make it a fantastic place to live.


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