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How To Install Your own Toilet

Installing Toilets? Factors To Consider!

A toilet is considered one of the most important plumbing fixtures in a home. In fact, no home is complete without it. If the toilet starts to malfunction, you may experience recurring overflows and clogs since you use the toilet several times a day. If your current toilet is proving to be far more costly on your monthly maintenance bills or it simply doesn’t function anymore, you may need to install a new toilet immediately.
Most homeowners think that installing a new toilet is easy as removing the old one and replacing it with a new one. But this is not the actual case. There are many things to consider when installing a new toilet in your home. The wrong toilet can bring you a ton of troubles over time. That’s why it is important to buy the right toilet fixture for your bathroom. Here are important things to consider when installing a new toilet in your home.
With a host of toilet models on the market, a homeowner can easily become confused as to what product he or she needs to choose for his/her home. Here are some cool features that you need to look for when buying a new toilet. The dual flush feature gives you greater control over the amount of water you use. You have two options to choose from such as the partial flush function for liquids and full flush function for solids. You can save money on your water bills thanks to this feature.
There are one or two-piece toilets on the market. You can choose the best one to match your requirements. One piece toilets are expensive but easy to clean. In the two-piece toilet, the tank will rest on the bowl portion which is tightened in place. Touchless units have become quite popular today. These units come with automatic flush sensors so that you don’t have to touch the unit to flush it. You should not forget to ask for any rebates and warranties on the unit you decide to purchase. When you are investing a lot of money, you should always find ways to save as much as possible.

Before you buy the best toilet for your home, you should consider how much the toilet could save on your water bill. Most toilets use 25-30 gallons of water. Hence, check whether there are new models that can help you save water. The space it takes up in your bathroom is also important to consider when buying a new toilet. You should have enough space in the bathroom to install the new unit. Make sure you adhere to the building codes in the area when buying a new unit. The average seat height of a standard toilet is 14.5 inches. In fact, there should be enough room to bend your knees when you sit on the unit. This should be the same for every other member of your household.
The efficiency and performance of the toilet are also important factors to consider when buying a new unit. There are two types of flushing to choose from such as pressure and gravity flushing. A pressure unit will use at least 25 PSI and is noisy. But it is more effective in saving water over time. On the other hand, the gravity flush system uses 10 PSI but is not very effective in flushing water. These are important considerations when buying a new toilet for your home.
You should choose a reliable plumbing contractor in the area to install the new toilet in your home. They are the best professionals to install a new toilet in your home.

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~ The Bayside Plumbing Melbourne Team

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