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8 Preventative Maintenance Tips (Save Money!)

Plumbing Maintenance


If you are a homeowner you’re probably already aware that large scale plumbing jobs *must* be handled by a professional plumber. There are of course some safe DIY jobs that you can do by yourself, but unless it’s changing a washer or a simple leak – leave it to the pros.

So we’ve compiled a list of some things that you can do around the house that involve your inspection, and having a professional plumber do the work. You will be looking for indications in your house that something is close to going wrong, but can be pre-emptively fixed – this is known as preventative maintenance. So take a look at the list below and follow them to ensure that you won’t come home one day to a flooded basement! Of course, that’s the worst situation but alas, a possibility no less. Enjoy!

  • Check under sinks, water heating systems and around the base of toilets for water spillage. A great way to check for leaks in your toilet is to add some food dye to the tank of your toilet, and returning a few hours later to check the color of the bowl water. If the bowl has changed to the color of the food dye, you absolutely need to change the ball in your toilet.
  • Clean and remove the aerators on your faucets regularly to make sure there are no discrepancies in water flow.


  • If you have a water tank, you need to get rid of the sediment that builds up internally at the base of the tank. To do this, simply drain just under a gallon of water from the tank every 3.5 months. This will help to remove this sediment. Make sure you use this water effectively, spray it onto a garden – It’s still water!


  • Never ever wash hot oils or liquids left over from cooking down your kitchen sink, this will cause clogging and is exceptionally bad your for internal plumbing system.






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