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To Solar Or Not To Solar

Melbourne Plumber

The Truth About Solar hot water

Do You Need A New Hot Water System? We Here At Bayside Plumbing Melbourne Believe that Solar Is The Way To Go. Here’s Why:


We’ve written this article to outline exactly what to look for when considering a new hot water solar system, however, your plumber should be able to provide you with all the information that you need.


Why should you even consider installing a hot water system?

Here’s why:


1) It’s cheaper.

Obviously solar hot water heating is cheaper. This goes without saying as the solar system harnesses the power of the sun. Your expenses then are limited only by how effectively your solar panels can take in the sun and turn it into energy.


2) It’s eco-friendly

Because you’re using solar panels, this means a healthier environment. Especially here in Australia where the sun can get to be so hot! You’ll actually start to be glad that those days come around, As solar panels store energy and will save you money and prevent you from using harmful gasses that can hurt the environment.


3) 365 of hot water

Even though your water gets it temperature from the sun. Solar panels are also designed to be useful when there is no sun. this means that solar panel is attached to electric heat. Meaning they can store power on a cloudy and un-less day


4) Solar Panels Are A High-Quality Product

Your personal plumber with has a great knowledge of what the best solar panels are. These panels will also have an excellent warranty.

Also, getting your plumber to choose your solar panel will result in them installing it and ensuring that it works to its maximum efficiency.
Your chosen plumber will also provide varying quotes from different solar panel providers.
Solar Panels By A Plumber


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