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Maintaining Hot Water Systems

Regular maintenance is the single most important aspect of a full functioning plumbing system. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! It will save you thousands and prevent any headaches! Standard water heaters require maintenance from time to time, and a solar hot water layout is exactly the same. In that, it needs regular maintenance.


Standard water heaters are made up of various parts that need servicing on a regular basis. Solar water is no exception.

Although, solar water heating systems actually have more components. they have more valves, pumps etc… This means that some units in the solar water heating need to be checked on an even more frequent basis than normal.

I have written out a basic guide to maintaining you own solar water system. You can read this guide below!



Firstly, check storage tanks and inside components.

Quite a few water heating systems use storage tanks at the same time when a standard water heater does not. The Colder liquid will usually come from the water main. And travels through a system of pipes and valves. The water then travels to the solar section in the storage tank.


This means that a solar system, compared to a regular system has many more pumps and valves that need inspection and upkeep.

Once as the month is too much, but a check every quarter is mandatory if you wish to keep your system at full productivity levels. Be sure to inspect the fittings, ensure valves are not sticking out and that there ate no cracks to be seen anywhere. Any spotted problem with your system should be fixed by a professional. DO NOT attempt to fix your solar heating system by yourself. This can result in harm to your system as well as injury or even death to yourself. Please contact us for any queries you may have or if you need help with this. We specialize in the Bayside  Area.

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