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The last march in the USA was called ‘Fix A Leak Week’. An awareness initiative constructed by EPA and FloLogic. Flologic created an intelligent leak detection machine that is not only used all over the USA but is also used all over the world.

This leak detection machine used a more practical and downright money saving approach when it comes top helping homeowners and property owners understand how they can save themselves water, and save their country water.

Due to the fact that the cost of water is quite low, this creates a misconception that a leaking tap and/or leaking fixture is harmless. this is absolutely not true.

In a 2016 study, more than 4 million houses participated in a recent study Australia-wide. 10% of houses, it was discovered, wasted at least 85 gallons of water every single day due to leaks. In most cases, homeowners don’t even realize they have a leak, or, they have just become used to the leaks in their houses over the years.

These seemingly innocent and un-cared for leaks are almost 100 percent of the time located in plumbing fixtures. You should know, even the smallest looking leak can add up, a small 3 “drippage” per the second leak can end up wasting up to 77 gallons of water in only one weeks time!


Most people who own homes simply don’t comprehend or have the systems in place to detect leaks. FloLogic CEO Chuck DeSmet has a system that can easily detect leaks and hence, save people literally thousands per year! And we here at Bayside Plumbing Melbourne think that’s fantastic.



You should also be wary of leaks that pool up inside your home. Water that drips into the ground is okay (besides of course the water bill). But leaks that drip onto other pipes or onto wood can cause serious structural damage to your home. this can result in supply line getting ruptured and up to 8% of homes in The entirety of Australia experience this.



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