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The Benefit Of Water Saving Fixtures

Bayside Plumbing


Recently at the International Conference held by Greenbuild (held in LA) 1 week ago. The Bayside Plumbing Melbourne team learned about how plumbing fixtures have become more geared towards water-saving. As opposed to the old *leak prevention*.



Only under 10 years ago, water saving fixtures were off the radar, no one was doing them. Well, to be fair, there were a few, but they were considered to be so inefficient that large industrial building companies did not consider them. Instead, these companies opted for recognizable brands, and to deal with the accepted leaks down the line. It goes without saying, that no one really sold these fixtures as much as no one used them. They were around, but only the anti risk-averse homeowner or educated plumber would ever consider using them as they were considered a risk back then.



Then, something miraculous happened for wholesalers of water saving fixtures. It became law that all toilet flushes dropped to a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This law came in prematurely in the 90’s. And as such, water saving fixtures became all the rage.




What happened next was quite unfortunate. A huge wave of water saving toilets hit the market. These toilets performed poorly and as a result cost homeowners a packet. But, they ended up saving money on their water bill over the space of about 7 months and continued to save from thereon out.



Seeing as everyone born in the 80’s had been used to longer bowl rinses, this has created a lot of negative actions that became very hard to break. We had to start using less toilet paper to ensure that the bowl would clear completely. And also that toilets were used with adequate space in between. So to summarize this article, it’s definitely been a long and odd road getting used to these new water saving fixtures, but a beneficial one too.


~ The Bayside Plumbing Melbourne team


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